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Mt Rinjani Ultra 2013. The Story


I started the journey at 600m, reaching Station 1 5.9 km in 1.29 mins and reaching Station 2 2600 m later about 10 km at 3.40 mins. But it was at this station, where I tried to rest for a short while. I felt breathless, I couldnt eat anything in sight, I couldnt even drink much. I couldnt take my energy sachets or anything. At this point, I wanted to give up and wanted to stop.

Hendra Wijaya, was waiting for the 21 km runners, saw me. He told me if I want to quit and return I will have a longer journey. He persuaded me to get to the next station. So we moved on, with very much difficulty. The rocks were huge, it was dark. At that point, I felt so lucky to just have 1 tracking pole as i really need the other hand to hold on to whatever is there and use the one pole I have to help me with my journey on! I remember there were massive rocks, many times I felt like dying because my tummy was very hard, yet there was no vomits nothing.

Hendra was all the time right behind me. I remember, earlier that evening, Nefo had told me that Hendra will not be climbing the Mt Rinjani. Anyhow, I was thankful he was right behind me. As sick as I was, I know what is an ultra adventure now. Because, here no one is able to help you. Even if u wanna DNF, yu still need to find your own way down to the bottom or to where you started. And in the darkness, my journey continued…

Soon, the sunrise was to be seen. After a while, we have come to brightness, I believe I vomitted shortly before I arrived at the next station. Along the way just before reachiing the next station, I met cheerful Josephine Pipin and Carin Leong and also passing Rich Chai. I also remember, Rich telling me to think carefully if I really wanna ascendd to the top.

With Hendra, we arrive at the next station. Again, I told Hendra I will not continue to ascend. I felt sick again, looking at the food, which Hendra kept insisting for me to take some. Then he later told me, I am a little like Aki Niaki, we cant consume food in our journey! So after resting for a long while must have been half an hour at least. Then Hendra said if I dont eat, I will not be able to go to the summit. My heart had wanted to go to the summit but my physical body was incapable. Pipin, Carin and many others came and left to move on to the top. I kept telling them to go ahead as I was still contemplating!

I have by then met, Alex Sebangkit, to name one of them, Wailan Warokka and a few others that I cant remember the names of hand now.

Finally, Hendra said to me, why dont we go a little further, where we can see the summit. He was great at persuasion. So even though I didnt want to, I finally gave in to the prospect of looking at the summit. So off we go! So with that little bit of rice and tinned beef, like maybe 2 table spoons each, and some Pocari Sweat drink and some FITLINE Performance sachets, we left the station and went ascend again.

The loose gravels were extremely difficult to climb. The heat from the sun is now at its full blast. Along the way, we caught up with Pipin, with Carin, who later dropped off and turn around to go back not going up the summit.

We also passed by Jeff Ooi, Yim, many many others who had reached the summit and now on the way down. Still we went on.

At some stages, I stopped and soon I had no more water in my platypus, water pouch, I had to now take some from Hendra. At one time, I again said I think its a joke if I can get to the summit and Hendra again tricked me and told me why dont we go right to the white rock, and from there we will be able to get a clear full view of the summit.

Now, who doesnt wanna have a glimpse of the summit. But in my heart I know to get there tothe white rock is about 800 m more and thats felt like forever. But from the white rock, we will still have another 1.2 km to the summit. Still I finally agreed with Hendra and move up.

Inching u, Hendra met his friends and gave them his precious Coco de nato cup of desert drink which he had kept for himself to have when he get to the summit, so that was what he told me. But he gave it away anyway! That was so generous of him. Knowing there is nothing much else to drink when we get there!!!

At the rock, we took another break. took some photos. And along the way, we saw the new volcano formed Gunung Baru??, the lakes the beautiful scenary which were all so amazing, and to be able to look down onto these, i felt so happy and that lifted my feeling. Still I vomitted again! In total I have vomitted 3 times. That little bit of food i ate and the salt stick I took all came out again.

Nevertheless, we moved on, and on and on and on and on.

Finally we were there! The summit! Oh! what a feeling! It was absolutely unbelievable! I finally reached my destination, the peak of the Second Most Highest Volcano Peak of Indonesia. Christine Munro had just FB me to let me know that it is actually higher the Mt Cook in New Zealand!

We had my video done, my photos taken and did all the things we all do when we get to Mt Rinjani summit at 3,726 m!

Then we started descending…

This is my story of my love affair with Mt Rinjani sometime on 17 August 2013!!

Maggie Kim Hong Yeo


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