adventure, biking

TRIKE 2.1.1( Eiger Tropical Adventure Signature)

trikefwdtubularmonoarm0009trikefwdtubularmonoarm0008TrikeFWDTubularMonoarm0006.jpg500 watt/ 48 volt electric middrive motor.

trikefwdtubularmonoarm000420 inch front and rear wheelset.

trikefwdtubularmonoarm0005Front wheel drive with differential.

trikefwdtubularmonoarm000511 speed cassette.



TrikeFWDTubularMonoArmMonoArm.jpgTubular monoarm carbon frame.
trikefwdtubularmonoarm0003front and rear hydraulic discbrake.

trikefoldingclamp-trikefwdtubularmonoarmfoldingclampFolding clamp.


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