Gowes Hari- Hari.

Maret 2015 adalah awal gowes saya lagi setelah terakhir kalinya di 1985.

Masa- masa kerja serabutan dan kuliah saya.

Sejak setelah subuh sampai magrib. Terkadang sampai malam.

30 tahun terpaut ditambah lagi dulu datar- datar saja, kali ini plus tanjakan.

Saat pulang, dimulai di awal jalan cipaganti sampai rumah.

Seperti juga 30 tahun lalu, kali inipun nyaris tak terputus. Senin sampai minggu, pagi sampai siang atau bahkan malam.

Sim A dan C yang habis sengaja tak saya perpanjang.

Berharap tak tergoda untuk kembali.

Dan memang mobil motornyapun tak ada😁.


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LOGR Java, Sang Onthel Elektrik




img_1552Tak seperti beberapa Sepeda Elektrik yang terlihat  ‘dipaksakan’ menyerupai sepeda motor, Onthel Elektrik ini tampil ‘biasa’ seperti sepeda kayuh, tapi sepeda kayuh yang rapih, cantik nan ciamik.

Dinamo penggerak roda depan yang juga hub  depan cukup kecil. Tak mencolok.

Berframe kokoh( steel), dengan bobot seperti umumnya Onthel.

Rak depan yang unik, amat sangat mencolok, dengan finishing rapih, berbahan aluminum.

Selain tuas rem belakang pada handle bar kiri adalah kontrol On/Off, +/- torsi/ tenaga, tampilan Kecepatan, tampilan Torsi( 1-5) dan indikator lampu belakang.

Di handle bar kanan, tuas rem depan, throttle( tuas gas), gear shifter belakang( 1-3) model tromol.



Battery berkapasitas 11 ampere( 250 watt), 36 Volt ‘tersembunyi’ di rak belakang. Akan lebih tak terlihat lagi jika pannier belakang terpasang.

Pengisian mudah, bisa langsung pada posisi terpasang atau dicabut jika terminal jauh dari sepeda.

Cukup 2-3 jam untuk pengisian penuh, memenuhi kebutuhan 30 – 50 km.

Pada battery adalah tombol cek kapasitas battery, indikator battery dan tombol On/ Off lampu belakang.

Rak belakang ini seperti juga peruntukannya adalah tempat ‘digantung’kannya sepasang pannier( tas sepeda) atau satu saja disalah- satu sisi . Sekaligus ditempatkannya lampu belakang dan reflektor.
Sayangnya hanya satu moda lampu. Tak ada moda lampu blink. Daya diambil dari battery.
Dan akan lebih baik lagi jiga dilengkapi dengan  lampu depan dan Kring- Kring, agar saya tak perlu selalu berteriak. “Awas awas, numpang lewat! ” 🙂

Test ride?
Karena peruntukannya memang bukan untuk ‘diangkat- angkat’ berselfie seperti umumnya yang ber roadbike, bobotnya tak menjadi masalah.

Handling  bagus, kayuhan standar Onthel memang tak seringan roadbike, tapi masih ramah dengkul untuk wara- wiri dalam kota.
Kejutan manis saat elektrik dinyalakan.
Ber pedal assist, dinamo digerakan tak hanya oleh tuas throttle( gas), tapi juga oleh kayuhan.

Semakin kuat mengayuh dinamo akan semakin kuat memutar roda depan.
Secara singkatnya saya gambarkan ‘bantuan’ elektrik ini seperti jika kita mengayuh dan ada yang bantu dorong dari belakang.

Onthel atau sepeda jenis manapun ber elektrik amat saya sarankan untuk siapa saja. Terutama untuk Anda yang ingin bertransisi dari kendaraan berbahan bakar fosil ke elektrik, dan kemudian ke sepeda berkayuh.
Tak ada lagi masalah terlalu berkeringat dan terengah- engah saat masuk kantor  atau ruang kuliah.

Pada moda tenaga battery sepenuhnya, cukup kedua kaki diam saja di pedal dan sila dorong tuas throttel( gas) dengan jempol tangan kanan.
Dan.. bukan Anda yang harus heran, tapi biarkan kanan kiri belakang Anda yang terheran- heran, melihat satu Onthel bersosok besar gagah melaju ringan di tanjakan Cipaganti atau Dago atas dengan kayuhan penuh senyum, atau bahkan tanpa satu kayuhanpun  🙂

Salam BOSEH, Bike On the Street Everybody Happy 🙂

Ohya, dengan IDR 14.000.000 tentu saja sudah dapat Anda peroleh 1 sepeda motor baru bertenaga berlipat- ganda dengan kecepatan maksimal sampai diatas 100km/ jam.
Hanya jika Anda lebih peduli kesehatan diri dan lingkungan, dan juga keamanan, Sepeda elektrik ini ada pilihan yang lebih bijak, smart dan berwawasan. Ya kan?

Atau mau rasakan sensasi sepeda elektrik dengan lebih murah lagi? Bawa sepeda Anda jenis apapun yang ada, pilihan ebike kit, hub depan, belakang atau middrive merubah Gowes Hah Heh Hoh Anda menjadi Gowes Cantik, Apik, Ciamik Banyak Dilirik 🙂







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Bandung Mentawai RideNFly




A friend called me the other day, right before Isya. he asked me to go to Mentawai. Which is one of my few dream destinations. It’s not really that far but who hasn’t heard about Mentawai. It’s an island located in the Western part of Sumatra, with its traditional Mentawai tribe inhabitants. Which some may still have animism as their belief. With a canoe-like boat as their method of transportation. One of the most beautiful beach in the world where you can surf, snorkel dan even fishing. Wit its white sandy beach.
More than half of its animal population are endemic. Such as Joja or Mentawai Langur (Presbitys Potenziano), which is a unique species of apes, where they either live in pairs or in a more complex harem group.
Another one is Bokkoi or Kloss Gibbon (Hylobates Klossii) the most primitive kind of gibbons which ironically has a nice voice…or noise, more likely.
With its short and stubby nose and a pig-like tail and two colored body, the Simakebu or Snubnosed Langur (Simias Concolor) is a fast-growing kind of ape.
The event itself is a training for 40 of Mentawaian students who are aspiring to be travel guides. It is an event held by both Mentawai Tourism Board and one of Bandung’s School of Hospitality.
They took this event seriously, not only from the Tourism Board, the Regent himself came all the way to Bandung. They determine to make full use of its tourism instead of only relying in its oil palm produce.
Where do i come in in the picture? My background is in architecture, particylarly home and resort designing. And running of course.
We were planning on staying for a week. The training itself only went for 3 days. we spent most of the early days on travelling. And it should be noted that Mentawai doesn’t only offer pretty waves to be surfed on. Mentawai isn’t only about the traditional people.
We departed by the start of June. My 2 lecturer friends went on a Jakarta-Padang roadtrip for two days because they didn’t want to spend a lot of time in Padang.
As for myself, i’ve been planning to go Bike-Fly-Bike for this trip. I don’t know what the correct term yet, but i’ll keep using it for now.
I bike daily so i’m getting pretty used to it by now so it wasn’t that hard for me to bike all the way from home to the airport. I went for a Bandung-padang flight. I didn’t bring a lot of stuff because i wanted to stay fuss-free during this trip. I used a light daypack. I also didn’t use any bigger bags like that of a pannier. While with Pannier you can store them on the small storage by the wheels. I use a 12 l of daypack.
Unlike what i usually do, where i only pack a couple of short and jerseys for a 7 days biking, i also brought along a trouser and short sleeved shirt while still leaving enough space in the daypack for my gadgets.
I biked from home to the airport and then continued from Padang airport to…pretty much anywhere we were going.
One of the perks of going on a bike is that no traffic will ever be a problem for you. Not to mention it was only 7 km from my house to Bandung airport. So i didn;t have to wake up too early for my flight.
It only took me about 30 minutes to get to the airport. I have an hour to pack up my bike with a wrapping plastic before my flight for me to put into the baggage. I used wrappingplastic because it’s inexpensive and practical. Plus it’s available in every airports. I walk my bike when i’m in the airport. Just make sure to the security person that you will put them in the baggage later. Dismantle the two wheels and then deflate them because their policy doesn’t allow anyone to store inflated things up in the air. And then the two wheels are ready to be wrapped. And then the frames were also wrapped separately. I didn’t take out anything else other than those wheels, except for my camera stand.
My biking days are filled with documented videos and photos. Be it Bandung city views or its more less visited corners.I just rasfered it to my smartphone and then upload them.
I walked my bike all the way to security check while still making sure that the wheels are going to wrapped and put in the bagage. Thankfully they gave me no trouble at all. They even helped me putting it into the baggage, so helpful.
My 48 sized roadbike cost about under Rp. 5.000.000, i wasn’t worry about it. Would’ve been a whole different problem if it cost a whole lot more.
It’s actually safer with a pastic wrap compared to when you use it in a bike box. where people would mistake it for any other box and treat it with no care otherwise.
The wrapping plactic is divided into two, for the complete frame and then the 2 wheels is being wrapped as one. The wrapper is pretty handy when they did it, carefully packig all of the parts and then sealed it with a masking tape.
It only cost about Rp. 100.000 for both wrappings and only weighed about 11,7 kg which is under Lion Air’s 20 kg limit.
Lion Air and Express Air doesn’t charge any extra baggage for the bike, they considered it as the baggage. Garuda wouldn’t even charge us for any sporting equipments. Bikes included of course. Whereas Air Asia would charge us for extra.
With online reservation it went like:
-Domestic for up to 15 kg: Rp. 135.000
-Domestic for up to 20 kg: Rp. 150.000
Domestic for up to 25 kg: Rp. 180.000
Domestic for up to 30 kg: Rp. 240.000
Domestic for up to40 kg: Rp. 390.000
While it would cost more at the airport counter. It’s Rp. 300.000 for up to 15 kg.
The general requirments for you to store your bike in the baggage is:
-1 bike per person
-The bar is positioned along with the frame.
-The pedals need to be dismantle and then wrapped.
-Same goes with the gears.
-The tires need to be deflated.
-Take off the mudguards and then wrap it.
-The pumps, water bottle and other small stuf need to be safely put on the frame.
Not that hard right?
I’ve googled about Sumatran islands way before i went on this trip. We’ve had numerous events in Java, trail runnings in particular.
We’ve only been to Kerinci in Sumatra for these kinds of events. Which is one of the 7 mountain tops in Indonesia. Who knows, in the future Mentawai would be famous not only for its beach destination, but also for the nature trail run.
Alhamdulillah, it didn;t take us too long for finally boarding.
A friend remined me to take up the seat near the window so that i gaze upon the small islands when we land.
But as usual, i forgot to take the seat near the emergency door exit. Thankfully the seats weren’t full so i can just change seat to whichever one i wanted. Alhamdulillah.
We landed before mid day.
I told everyone i was going to bike from the airport so noone needed to pick me up. It didn’t take me long to fetch my bike from the conveyor belt and inflated the tires back on the spot. It was quite a spectacle to say the least. Before you knew it, i was already on my way from the airport. Don’t forget to throw all of the wrappings in the trash bins.
The second day, on Tuesday morning, we were already ready in the dock. My friends got dropped of by car, while i of course, biked all the way. It was only 2 km from the hotel to the dock. Easy peasy. We had lontong sayur Padang for breakfast, which is a tasty local delicacy of rice cake and vegetable curry.
We got in the boat at 7. I stored my bike on the upper deck and then tied it to be safe.
The boat ride cost about Rp. 250.000 per person. The Mentawai Fast boat could fit in about 200 passengers. And goes for 50 km/h. Pretty fast that it only took us 6.5 hour to go from Siberut-Mentawai. WIth a 2 hour stop at Sikabaluan, Mentawai.
The waves were gentle. Can’t wait to see a real wave, the ones in southern part of Siberut, which many considered as the prettiest. As well in Roniki Island, Karangmajat, Mosokut, SIbege, SIbarubaru dan some other places.
The waves are also sort of uniquely named. Waves like Ombak Ular Left, Ombak Tikus Left, Beach Break Left & Right, and Bang Bang Left, etc.
The Mentawai Fast boat was pretty clean. And most importantly all of the rooms are non smoking rooms. Alhamdulillah.Since i quit 20 years ago, i’ve grown no tolerance for cigarette smokes. I’d have asthma even when i inhale them.
Mentawai Fast doesn’t allow any passenger to go to the upper deck. The deck is opened, except for the one in the far back which has a roof but is opened on the side.
Which is suitable for them who can’t go on a day without smoking, Or those who has sea sick. Fortunately the other decks are comfortably air conditioned.
From the Muara Padang deck we took a short stop at SIkabaluan, Mentawai. We waited for 2 hrs for the passengers from here.
It tool 1,5 hrs from Sikabaluan-Muara Siberut.
The waves were still gentle, not unlike those of river, eventough it’s already in the sea. The weather was typical island hot.
The Mentawai island is surrounded by tropical rain forests. From the primary forest, mixed primary forest, to the swamp forest. Each islands with its own flora.
Mentawai is the traditional life of its inhabintans. Also has the oldest tattoo tradition in the world. I am especially interested in their plan of only relying on its tourism and not on its palm oil export anymore. I instantly said yes when the offered to take a sight-seeing trip. 
For them to compeletely maximize the tourism they need to fix their infra-structure elements first. The road needs to be well travelled, same goes with the road lights and electricity throughout the island.
As of today the only communication access is only available in the island’s capital region, Sipora Island, on the Southern part of Siberut Island, the biggest island in Mentawai.
Some location in Siberut are already facilitated with communication access.
As for the road, it was indecent to say the least. The concrete were holed and many were damaged and the road could only fit 2 cars from the opposite directions. The rest could only fit for 2 wheeled vehicles.
But a lot can be done to set itself as the cleanest tourism destination while waiting for them to fis the infra-structure elements. Clean and Bike-friendly Mentawai could be the main tourism destination in the country. Not to mention with many of its beach focused events, like surfing, running and biking.

So that’s it from me. See you at another RideNFly, in Malino, Bira Beach South Sulawesi.
With Pannier in the back on each sides of course.
See you then.


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RideNFly.. Gowes Ke dan dari Bandara


Flying with a bike or flying with a bicycle in a plastic wrap or..

menjadi menarik sekali ketika gowes bisa juga dilakukan ke dan dari bandara.

Idenya adalah gowes dari rumah ke bandara. Dan dari bandara tujuan kembali gowes ke.. manapun tujuan kita.


Plastic wrapping yang ada di hampir semua bandara.

Beruntung hal ini bukan kekhawatiran saya.

Polygon, Helios F1, yang saya peruntukan untuk transportasi hari2 saya di Bandung.Seharga dibawah IDR. 5.000.000,-

Bawaan adalah 1 buah backpack 25 liter. Cukup untuk setelan ganti selama 1 minggu. (dominan jersey, t-shirts & shorts). Backpack yang masih nyaman dipakai dipunggung atau di tas sepeda belakang.


Trek rumah ke bandara.

Tentu saja kita melupakan penggunakan hardcase yang besar dan mahal tersebut.


Bongkar plastic wrap di bandara tujuan.

Syarat lain? Bisa jadi sepeda yang relatif tak mahal adalah salah- satu syarat disini. Tentunya kita tak ingin kenyamanan terbang kita terganggu dengan perasaan khawatir ‘rusak’, ‘tergores’nya sang sepeda.


Trek Bandara ke tujuan dikota.

1. Pastikan bahwa maskapai kita memang memperbolehkan membawa sepeda kedalam bagasi secara seperti ini.Dibungkus hanya dengan plastic wrap yang umum ada di bandara.

Pengalaman dengan 3 maskapai penerbangan lokal, Lion Air, Bandung – Denpasar pp, Express Air, Bandung – Padang. Dan terakhir Garuda Indonesia, Padang – Bandung. Lancar dan berjalan mulus sekali.

Garuda, yang membebaskan bagasi berupa kelengkapan olahraga, tak ada yg harus dilakukan khusus. Bagasi seperti sepeda kita ini dengan sendirinya sudah tak dihitung beratnya.
Lion Air memperhitungkan sebagai bagasi biasa dgn maksimal 20kg. Selebihnya dianggap kelebihan bagasi biasa dengan harga tertentu.

Express Air, sama dengan Lion Air.
2. Lepas roda depan, plastik wrap menjadi satu.

3. Jangan lupa! Kurangi sedikit  udaranya terlebih dahulu. Lebih jangan lupa lagi bawa pompanya.


4. Bagian2 yg sebaiknya diberi tambahan pelindung( melindungi bagian2 yg dimaksud dan melindungi bagasi orang lain dari sepeda kita).

– RD, hub, kedua tuas rem, pedal.

Dengan karton atau gulungan2 plastic wrap.

5. Siap di plastic wrap.

Selamat ber RideNFly 🙂


Siap gowes dari bandara ke..manapun dikota tujuan 🙂