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I suddenly remember who that lady was

BilanganFuI really have to write this.
Yesterday on my flight to Malang, the plane’s air con didn’t function very well, which rarely happens.
I was sleepy cuse i was driving all the way from Bandung to Soekarno- Hatta Airport, so i tried hard to sleep.
I forgot for how long but Bang Nefo who was on the left side of the line, chatting with a passenger from the right side of the row.
I remember this guy was wearing a hat, but i forgot what type of hat it was.
They were chatting about running and i was pretty excited because running’s always been a topic of interest for me.
I was still sleepy as i looked at their way, a lady on the guy’s left joined the conversation. That’s pretty cool, i thought to myself.
Before long i also joined the conversation.
After only a few sentences the plane landed.
They said goodbye first, cause they had to get off the plane first.
When i walked out, i can still spot them and i thought they were about to take pictures of the plane.
Turns out they asked to take pictures with us. Say no more, i was happy to do it, considering i was never a camera shy kinda person.
And so we did, turns out the guy in the hat wanted to take our pic all along. he used Leica, M5 i think. Meaning he’s either a rich amateur or really is a professional photographer.
And then we took another photo together. The one above was taken with my cellphone. We still need to wait for the luggages, while they went immediately.
As we waited, Bang Nefo casually mentioned that the lady was a writer, orĀ  novelist, or something he wasn’t really sure of either.
I suddenly remember who that lady was.
The name’s Ayu, Ayu something. Then i recalled it was Ayu Utami.
Ok, no wonder she sounds familiar.
So that’s it for now.